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Ultra Grip 4" "Standard" Coupler Flange for ICON 102mm Throttle Body

Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

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Ultra Grip 4" "Standard" Coupler Flange for ICON 102mm Throttle Body by Motion Raceworks

Motion Raceworks ICON (Interchangeable Connection) throttle body is the last throttle body you will ever need to own thanks to its modular design that allows for change and adaptation as your project progresses and changes. 

This patent pending design uses an oring seal to bolt to the ICON base.  This is field servicable and changeable.  

Our Ultra Grip 4" Coupler Attachment is a perfect replacement for a factory style throttle body that uses a cold air intake or silicone coupler connection to the intake or piping. This connection has a perfected barb/lip for ultimate clamping and no slip coupler connections with boost.  


  • Billet Ultra Grip 4" OD Coupler attachment
  • Oring
  • 4 Attachment Bolts

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