Business Sales Tax Use Exemption Form/Resale Certificate

For Use by Business Owners

In order for business and shop customers to not be charged sales tax for qualifying purchases where resale uses are being used. We require a filled out and signed Sales and Use Tax Exemption form to be filled out and filed in our system PRIOR to a sale. We can not retroactive or refund tax for any reason. Below is the Multijurisdiction form which applies to many but not all states. If your state is not listed on this form, please contact your state office or download that particular state form and send in.  

Please note: we are not responsible for filing taxes for your sales in the event you file sales tax exemption. We reserve the right to deny or dissavow any forms in the event that fraudulent or nonacceptable forms are submitted or have expired. Filling out and submitting the form does not guarantee Sales Tax exemption until forms have been confirmed by our verification company.