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Motion Raceworks


Motion Raceworks 18 Tooth HTD Low Pro Mandrel Coyote / F-Body LS ATI Balancer

Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

Motion Raceworks 18 Tooth HTD Mandrel Coyote / F-Body LS ATI Balancer

Designed specifically for these balancers: 

F-Body / GTO LS Balancer

  • 918852
  • 917302 
  • 917264

Coyote / Ford

  • 918047
  • 918047N
  • 918052
  • 918053
  • 918048
  • 918048N
  • 918036 

*May work with other balancers that have not yet been confirmed.*

This 3-bolt mandrel offers a low profile mandrel for Mechanical Fuel Pumps, Cable Drives, Oil Pump Drives, Vacuum Pumps, and more!  

Featuring an 18 tooth HTD pulley, this allows for use with a small and easy to package accompanying accessory pulley.  

Included in this part number are two complete sets of hardware to bolt to the ATI balancer.  One (longer) set is for use with AC pulley in the rear.  The (shorter) set is used with no rear AC pulley.  This allows for even more versatility in your accessory drives.


  • 18 tooth HTD mandrel (20mm deep)
  • Black Anodized for Beautiful Finish
  • Two complete hardware sets for use with or without AC rear pulley
  • 1 1/4 front hex drive for rotating engine while installed

Learn how to properly size / select a pulley combination for your mechanical fuel pump / mechanical oil pump in the video below: