LS1 Vacuum/Boost Billet Aluminum Distribution Block

LS1 Vacuum/Boost Billet Aluminum Distribution Block

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This billet aluminum vacuum/boost reference billet distribution block is made to simplify and clean up plumbing lines for boost and vacuum purposes on your boosted LS engine.

The design allows the block to be mounted off the upper two most holes on LS1 cylinder heads front or rear as well as on a firewall, or anywhere else. This manifold is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and features 10 separate 1/8 NPT ports giving you many different options for line routing and enough spaces for all of your boost reference signals. This works great for plumbing to your boost reference fuel pressure regulator, manifold pressure wastegates, blow off valve, map sensor, boost controller sensor and many other items. Comes with two stainless button head bolts with the correct length and thread to mount block to cylinder heads.

Comes complete with 5 port plugs standard.

This manifold could also be a great distribution block for C02 or water. ***we do not suggest running the bottom wastegate fitting to this manifold, especially if running a map sensor or boost controller signal on the block as it may drain pressure and cause a faulty signal/reading***