1994-04 S10/Sonoma Parachute Mount

1994-04 S10/Sonoma Parachute Mount

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1994-04 S10/Sonoma Parachute Mount

This kit bolts into factory frame location (and can be welded in place from there). Using (3) 7/16" bolts on each side it simply bolts to the frame. Each parachute mount is jig built using chromoly tubing, cnc cut and bent, tip welded, and powder coated gloss black.

Can be used with or without a factory bumper (holes will need to be drilled through bumper or roll pan. Because the "upright" portion of the chute is removable you may still use your factory tailgate when not using parachute.


  •  Parachute Mount
  • Hardware kit
  • Gloss Black Powdercoat


  • Cable/Handle Kit
  • Stroud Parachute

 We do not suggest use of a spring/pilot (this style) parachute mount on any blazer platforms. There is an area of dead air in the rear of these vehicles that will not allow the parachute to function properly.


Note: Slight trimming of sheet metal hanging down from bed will need to be done to allow the "receiver" portion of the parachute mount to pass through.


Also note, some frames have been known to "spread" or separate side to side. Use the supplied bolts to pull the frame back together as it is the furthest most point on the bed and is unsupported. This parachute mount will now act as a strengthening piece as well. This parachute mount was built on a virgin s10 platform and verified on multiple others, we then jig build the mount for accuracy and repeatability.


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