Motion Raceworks Edition MPI Race Steering Wheel DRG-R513

Motion Raceworks Edition MPI Race Steering Wheel DRG-R513

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Motion Raceworks Edition MPI Race Steering Wheel DRG-R513

Motion Raceworks is always seeking to improve product offering, quality, as well as overall design and functionality.  

To improve our steering wheel offering we reached out to the folks at MPI Steering Wheels.  They are experts in creating high quality, safe, ergonomic wheels that look incredible.  

Together we created one of the finest budget friendly, but premium steering wheels available.  This wheel is designed for safety in the event of a collision, like all of their steering wheels.  

In addition, the wheel has small slots on either side to allow for easy install and adjustment of the Motion Raceworks steering wheel button bracket varieties of single and dual button mounts.  

Features Include:

  • Italian Made Quality
  • Signature MPI Orange Stripe for quick wheel location reference
  • Slotted Button holes 
  • Slotted Mounting Holes for adapting Motion Raceworks Ergonomic Button Brackets
  • Perforated Side Grips
  • Comes standard with Motion Raceworks Horn Delete Button 
  • High Quality Materials
  • All Black Anodized Center

For All Black Version without Center Orange Stripe Click Here

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