Black Anodized Exhaust Trim Ring (Single, 3"-5")

Black Anodized Exhaust Trim Ring (Single, 3"-5")

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These trim rings are CNC laser cut from sheet aluminum. These are the same great styling as our standard trim rings, now available in a black anodized finish for a different look! We love options around here and the devil is in the detail. Come with rivets for secure, quick, and easy mounting to any surface. Please choose exhaust size when ordering. Size options are for exhaust size. The rings are .5" larger ID to allow for clearance (i.e. the 5" exhaust selection is actually 5.5" ID)


*DISCLAIMER* If you don't read the above example on sizing, you will not understand sizing.  We list these in title and in description PER EXHAUST SIZE.  For this reason we will NOT exchange trim rings due to your inability to read.  Please read description and be responsible for your own actions.  We will not eat shipping, take time to exchange trim rings, or be harrassed due to failure to read and comprehend.