LT Intakes & Throttle Bodies



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Motion Raceworks 36" Throttle Cable w/ GM/Ford Pedal Attachment 18-140


Starting at $15 /mo with
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Motion Raceworks ICON 92mm /95mm Interchangeable Throttle Body 10-130BLK


Starting at $57 /mo with
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Motion Raceworks 36" LS Throttle Cable w/ Pedal Clevis Attachment 18-150


Starting at $15 /mo with
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Motion Throttle Cable Bracket for ICON 92/102mm for GM Fbody style cable 18-11009-2


Starting at $14 /mo with
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Billet Y Connection Dual 35° w/ Built in 3" V-Bands for ICON 102mm Throttle Body - BLACK 10-14008BLK (SOLD OUT)


Starting at $70 /mo with
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Attachment Only: Billet 'Y' Connection Dual 35° w/ Built in 3" Quick Seals for ICON 102mm Throttle Body - BLACK 10-14016BLK


Starting at $87 /mo with