Seals-It Firewall Grommet Seal GS20035BL 1.5" OD


Seals-IT - GS20035BL

Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use



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Seals-It Firewall Grommet Seal GS20035BL 1.5" OD

Seals It Seals are the solution for wiring, metal object pass thrus, and plumbing to go thru a panel.  They are the fabricator and wiring guys best friend! 

Keeping smoke, fumes, and liquids out of the driver compartment are very important from a quality, fit and finish stand point.  These seals take grommets to the next level.  Simply make a small incision or cut and push thru a much larger wire loom, fitting, or object.  The rubber will seal against this item or take the shape to better seal from environment as well as gas and liquids.  

This grommet seal is designed to stretch to allow the fitting to pass through and yet grip the hose, and keep debris out.
Grommet seals can be used for so many different applications.
Wiring, fuel and oil lines, air and liquid hoses, and all other lines.
Cables or cords for computer equipment or other electronic equipment.
Seals-it patented grommet seals have many other applications including: race cars, custom cars, marine, commercial equipment, motor homes, airplanes, etc. and more.