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Motion Raceworks Billet SBF Valve Covers (Black Anodized) 38-110BLK


Motion Raceworks - 38-110BLK-1

Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use



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Motion Raceworks Billet SBF Valve Covers (Black Anodized) 38-110

Motion Raceworks seeks to innovate their way into simplifying builds while focusing on aesthetics and overall function! These billet SBF valve covers are a showcase and a prime example of this.  

The result is a valve cover that is something that can be used for a HUGE variety of builds without sacrificing looks or function.

Installation Instructions: Click Here


  • Driver & Passenger Valve Cover
  • (1) Billet Oil Cap (16 ORB)
  • (2) Breather Fittings (Choose 10AN, or 12AN in options)
  • Pre-Installed Baffles
  • Stainless Hardware to Bolt to Head


  • Bright Black Anodized Finish
  • Innovative Coil Mounting Design Adapts Nearly Every Style Coil without sacrificing looks when not running coil packs.  
  • Valve Cover able to be removed without unbolting coil packs
  • Baffled -12ORB Breathers adaptable to 10AN and 12AN
  • Billet Oil Cap (-16 ORB)
  • Stainless Hardware
  • Reuses Factory Style Gaskets
  • Coil-pack mounting able to be changed at later time with A la Carte Coil Pack brackets
  • CNC Designed, Made, Machined, Assembled, Coated in the USA
  • Fits factory style pattern heads with factory or shaft mount style rocker arms. 

Note: Not clearanced to fit rocker arms with stud girdles or "rev kits".



A variety of factors go into keeping coil packs on the valve cover including looks, serviceability, coil choice, clearance for fittings, header design, and more.  Whether you choose to run coils or not, this cover is perfect for you.  Featuring a top rail mounting design, if you do not wish to run coils, there are no leftover mounting bosses or holes that are unsightly or in plain view.  If you decide to run coil packs, every LS coil made as well as aftermarket coils such as Smart Coils (IGN1A), CDI can be used.  We thought of everything. To add the brackets, you simply choose the bracket options in the listing or add ala carte at a later time.  

Every coil bracket is adjustable and clears not only the breather fittings, but also allows for a large billet oil cap. Finally valve cover hardware to remove valve cover is accessible and usable with coils on the car.  

Additionally, coil packs have been checked and will clear intakes, fuel rails, and even wide hanging superchargers.  


At Motion Raceworks we understand PCV and crank case pressure is unavoidable.  We also believe that filling catch cans up with oil due to poor breather design is not acceptable.  This valve cover features a long high flow breather channel which will remove excess crank case pressure, and is serviceable by removing C-Clips. Our cover was machined on the top side to receive one of our custom low profile -12 ORB fittings.  This means you can adapt to 10AN or 12AN.  Note: Custom fittings were designed and made to allow for packaging and clearance of internal baffling, standard -12ORB fittings will not work.  Fittings Included, but also sold separately. 


Coil Pack Identifier and links

D585: Heat Sink Truck Style

Multi Fit Brackets: LS3 L92 LS1 (F-Body) LQ4, Gen V LT

Smart Coil IGN1A / CDI


***Rocker Clearance: -Fits factory style pattern heads with factory or shaft mount style rocker arms.  Note: not clearanced to fit rocker arms with stud girdles or "rev kits"***

***Note baffling works extremely well on low to mid horsepower vehicles.  We can not guarantee its ability to control oil vs PCV on high horsepower, boosted and methanol powered vehicles.***  

SBF billet valve cover dimensions