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Precision Turbo


Precision Turbo Pro Series 66mm Wastegate PBO085-3500

Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

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Precision Turbo Pro Series 66mm CO2 Wastegate PBO085-3500

Precision Turbo and Engine's high-quality yet economical CO2 66mm Pro Series external wastegate was designed specifically for use with CO2-based boost control systems. The wastegate offers quicker response time, accuracy, and durability under the high pressure demands of CO2 actuation, when compared to standard wastegate designs. 

The CO2 66mm Precision Turbo and Engine Pro Series external wastegate is fully adjustable and features the following: 

  • High grade, high temperature stainless steel and billet aluminum components for the best in strength, style and functionality at an affordable price. 
  •  A 347 stainless investment cast valve body to provide consistent performance without the worry of fatigue or failure while also allowing for accurate boost control. 
  • An internal Nickel Chromium Alloy valve. 
  • 3 individual ports (2 on the bottom can and 1 on the top can). 
  • Comes complete with stainless steel inlet and outlet flanges.
  • Unique, stabilizing "Precision Pins" which prevent the inlet and outlet flange from spinning.
  • Several different 17-7 precipitation hardened springs for further adjustment of desired boost levels.
  • All clamps necessary for installation. 

The PTE 66mm C02-specific Pro Series wastegate is compatible with most aftermarket manual and electronic boost controllers for ease of use. 

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