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Motion Raceworks


Motion Raceworks LSA/LT1/LT4 Remote MAP Sensor Mounting Block

Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

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This Remote Map sensor mounting block solves a lot of issues for those using new style Gen 4 and Gen V Engines which use the pictured style MAP sensor.  This Map sensor is commonly used on ZL1 ZR1 Gen 4 engines as well as Gen V Lt1 and LT4 engines.  

Our remote sensor allows you to adapt the map sensor to intakes which do not have provisions for this style map sensor.  Additionally it allows you to add redundant sensors such as a 3 or 5 bar map sensor for "piggy back" ECU as commonly used with Corvettes Camaros Cadillac and more which have body control modules or separate secondary fueling systems.  

The sensor block comes with M6 bolt to hold down map sensor.  The other two ports are 1/8" NPT thread as commonly used by fittings and 5 bar map sensors.