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Motion Raceworks


Motion Raceworks Ford 4.6 / 5.4 4V Mod Motor Smart Coil Brackets 29-10001

Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

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Motion Raceworks 4.6 / 5.4 4V Mod Motor Smart Coil Brackets Pair 29-10001 (Enough to do both sides of one engine)

Motion recognizes the need for compatibility and advancement in today's powerful and demanding combinations and use of alcohol M1 M5 E85 E98 and other non standard fuels we have recognized a need for more powerful ignition.  

This is why we designed these Mod Motor Billet Smart Coil brackets for locating smart coils on the valve cover.  This allows for a short coil wire which means less resistance and energy lost.  These also save space in the engine bay with a powerplant that already takes up a ton of prime real estate.  

These brackets are designed to work with the standard IGN1A "Smart Coil" aka Mercury Marine style coil primarily used by Holley, Fueltech, Accel, AEM, Haltech, MS3Pro and many other aftermarket ECU companies!  

Purchase these brackets with or without a set of premade Firecore ignition spark plug wires AND OR Firecore IGN1A coils.  Each of the companies named above utilize the same standard coil and are simply relabeled.  

Link to optional coilpacks:

**These will not fit a GT500 style valve cover.**