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Motion Raceworks


Motion Raceworks Exhaust Gas Back Pressure Sensor Kit, Dual Channel (Bare or Black Anodized)

Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

Exhaust Gas Back Pressure Data is crucial for understanding numerous dynamics of your engine, specifically for turbo charged applications. You can learn and compare turbocharger sizing, exhaust and turbine housing characteristics, effectiveness of camshaft and much more.Due to the extreme heat conditions of headers and specifically turbo headers and manifolds it is not plausible to use a traditional pressure transducer directly on the exhaust or header as it will melt the internals from the sensor. For this reason we have created this kit to allow for solving this issue.


  • Dual Billet Remote Mount Sensor block (3- 1/8" NPT ports)
  • (2) Stainless weld compression bung for header/manifold/hot side pipe
  • (2) Compression fitting to 1/8" NPT to sensor block
  • (2) 20" of 1/4" Stainless Tubing

 Our remote mount Exhaust Gas Back Pressure Kit allows you to remove the pressure transducer from the heat source and add a length of tubing that allows gases to cool allowing for longer transducer life and ability to gather pressure data.Note: Due to exhaust gas back pressure temperatures premature failure of any sensor is possible. We recommend only installing a transducer when gathering data and removing sensor and plugging hole when not.