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Motion Raceworks EFI Race Fuel System Basic MP-4703-BLK-KIT

Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

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Motion Raceworks EFI Race Fuel System Basic MP-4703-BLK-KIT

Motion Raceworks takes pride in designing fuel systems for customers to meet and exceed the needs of customers builds from stock to high horsepower boosted applications. Our Race EFI fuel system utilizes the best components (Magnafuel and Fragola) MADE IN THE USA for a long lasting high performing setup. This combination is designed to be used with a fuel injected vehicle and offers all components EXCEPT line, fittings, hoses, the way we would do them. We realize some cars already have hose, and fittings, so we wanted to bring our very popular Street Race Fuel System to customers minus the hose and fittings.This system has been known to make 14-1500 HP (1000-1100 on E85 Turbocharged) and be perfectly streetable. With the appropriate sized lines included this system will both max out the fuel system components capability on a 12v battery system, as well as offer a reliable streetable long lasting system.

Included in this kit is the following:

  • Magnafuel Black Anodized Pre Filter with Stainless Filter Element
  • Magnafuel 4703 Fuel Pump-Fittings from Pump to Post Filter
  • Magnafuel Black Anodized Post Filter with Stainless Filter Element
  • Magnafuel 9950-B-BLK fuel pressure regulator
  • Magnafuel Dual Relay setup for Pump
  • (2) -12AN Fragola O-ring Fittings for Pre Filter
  • (1)-12 Inlet fitting for Fuel Pump
  • (1) -10 outlet fitting for fuel pump
  • (2) -10 fittings for post filter
  • (2) -8 fittings for regulator
  • (1) -10 fitting for regulator return

​If you would like a complete hose and fitting kit along with the above components, See our COMPLETE Street Race Fuel System. If this system does not fit your needs, please contact us for a custom system to work with your specific setup. We are happy to help!​

Fuel Flow Rates Flywheel HP By Magnafuel:

MP-4703/410312v System

EFI/E85/Blower @75PSI: Up to 1600hp

EFI/E85/Turbo @75PSI: Up to 1750hp

EFI/Gas/Blower @75PSI: Up to 2000hp

EFI/Gas/Turbo @75PSI: Up to 2200HP

EFI/M1 Alcohol/Blower: @75PSI: Up to 1300HP

EFI/M1 Alcohol/Turbo: @ 75PSI: Up to 1500HP​

16v System Add 2-250 HP to above numbers

This is not a continuous use fuel pump. These pumps can only be ran from 30-45 minutes at a time. 

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