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LT Gen V 304 SS Header Exhaust Flanges 1 3/4" Primaries 3/8" Thick (Pair)

Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

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LT Gen V 304 SS Header Flanges 1 3/4" Primaries 3/8" Thick (Pair)

Our Gen V LT LT1 LT4 Header Flanges are ideal for the enthusiast building their own headers for their N/A, Turbocharged, or Supercharged combo. CNC Laser Cut from a 3/8" thick 304 SS flange, these are thick and sturdy enough to resist warping and provide a quality flange for your build.

These flanges have a hole big enough to give a few thousandths clearance when using 1.750" tubing. Sold as a pair.

***Please Note: LT style header exhaust flanges are NOT like the LS predecessor.  These flanges are not reversible or flippable.  They can only go on the head one way, if they are put on upside down the bolt holes will not line up!***