FUEL CHILLER Fuel Pump Controller

FUEL CHILLER Fuel Pump Controller

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The Fuel Chiller™ reduces the heat in your fuel system to prevent fuel pump failure and vapor lock

The Fuel Chiller is an aftermarket fuel pump management system that allows you to select the desired speed of your fuel pump under low load conditions.  The speed of the Fuel Pump is controlled by the duty cycle of the pulse width modulated signal generated from the Fuel Chiller. This will reduce heat in your fuel system and extend fuel pump life.

The easy to use knob on the front of the unit allows the selection of 6 speed settings to dial in an appropriate pump speed while maintaining adequate fuel pressure when you’re not under wide open throttle conditions.  Wide open throttle conditions will create an increase in fuel demand. When this happens the Fuel Chiller can be triggered by a 5 or 12 volt source to deliver full power to your fuel pump. 

In boosted applications this trigger source can be generated using a Hobbs Switch that is connected to 12 volts.  In non-boosted applications the trigger source can be generated by an ECU output or an external switch.  This fuel pump management system also provides a time delay technique at key on, in which the fuel pump is run at full speed for 5 seconds in order to create the needed fuel pressure in the fuel rails when cranking the engine.

In typical True Motorsports fashion, this product is easy to use and utilizes the latest electronic MOSFET technology to deliver an affordable/and reliable fuel management solution.      

The Fuel Chiller Technical Specifications:

  • Can be run from a 12V or 16V system

  • Up to 25 Amp capability

  • Digital controlled MOSFET Technology

  • Automatic Fuel Pump prime feature at Key ON

  • Results in a quieter sounding Fuel Pump

  • Smooth Black Aluminum Alloy enclosure

  • No Tach Adapter needed

  • Imagined, Designed and Manufactured in Kansas