EGT Probe (Closed Tip) for High Heat Applications

EGT Probe (Closed Tip) for High Heat Applications

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EGT Probe (Closed Tip) for High Heat Applications

EGT are a great way to individually monitor each cylinder from a comparison point of view for both tuning and trouble shooting. There are numerous CAN EGT modules that can be run in tandem with today's EFI systems.

These closed tip, ungrounded style probes offer both superior resistance and durability to extreme conditions that a turbo blower engine creates. The ungrounded option offers superior ability to not cause electrical noise and or gain interference from ignition system.

These EGT have a 72" Unterminated lead for use with Can EGT boxes or for the ability to add whatever end needed for your application NOTE! All thermocouples are standard so these work with Holley EFI, MS3Pro, Fueltech, etc.!

***Wiring Colors***

Red: Negative

Yellow: Positive