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C5 Corvette Parachute Mount (Under License Plate) 14-220


Motion Raceworks - 14-220

Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use


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Motion Raceworks C5 Corvette Parachute Mount 14-220

Our parachute mount is designed to integrate into the factory C5 Corvette bumper support.  This mount comes fully tig welded and uses CNC laser cut components to create a strong and beautiful component.  Each part comes powder-coated gloss black.

This mount comes out of the bumper slightly below the license plate hole.  This height and location is engineered and integral in making sure the parachute is pulling on the car in line with the center of gravity to insure the rear wheels are not lifted off the ground. This can be dangerous and costly.  

After removing the bumper cover, you will center this parachute plate on the rear bumper support and use the plate as a drill template for your (6) 7/16-20 bolts.  After drilling your holes, insert the backer plates with welded hard ware from the back side.  Push these with the pre welded hardware through the holes, line up the plate you used for template and install the (6) Nyloc nuts and washers.  


  • Powder-coated upright section
  • Bumper Support Mount Receiver
  • (2) Welded and coated backer plates
  • All necessary hardware 

If you are interested in some optional parts with the parachute mount, please check out the links below for info or purchasing. Refer to the picture chart above for parachute sizing and specifications.

Optional Parts:

Install Notes:

To install, simply remove bumper cover, remove bumper support by unbolting on each side. Bolt the main bar where the old support was. Temporarily remount bumper cover, trace where the receiver will go through from the back side of the bumper cover, drill your hole. Slide the insert mount back in, tighten bolts and you are done.

Watch this video to learn how to cut the perfect hole through your bumper when mounting your parachute mount

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Want to learn how to adjust the length of your parachute cable?

NOTE: With hardware fully tightened, we always recommend welding the parachute mount to the vehicle for added strength and security as not to rely on only the hardware.

***For off-road racing use only***