Merica LS Turbo Kit “As Seen On Cleetus c6”

Merica LS Turbo Kit “As Seen On Cleetus c6”

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This kit is made to be a complete kit to get your turbo build going on your LS series engine.  Featuring one of the most potent t4 turbos on the market that is also budget friendly.  This turbo has made over 850 rwhp with a 5.3 SBE engine.  This turbocharger kit is a perfect match for 4.6 Ford engines as well as 4.8, 5.3, and 5.7 LS Series engines.  Not only is the packaging small but this turbo will make upwards of 30 psi of boost!  This Patriotic kit comes with the following.  
-Precision LS series 7675 Turbo Charger
-JGS 50mm Wastegate
-JGS 50mm BOV
-Motion Hotside Builder kit 
  •     (2) stainless vband kits
  • 4  2.5" 90 degree bends SS304
  • 2  2.5" 45 degree bends SS304
  • T4 Turbo flange w/ gasket and mounting flange

-Oil Feed and Return Fittings with gasket

-(8) T Bolt Clamps

-(4) 3" Silicone Couplers

-(4) 3" Aluminum 90 degree Mandrel Bends

-(2) 3" Aluminum 45 degree Mandrel Bends

-Downpipe Flange and Clamp 




Info About The Precision 7675 Cast Turbo

HP Rating: 1150

Featuring a 76mm cast compressor wheel and a 75mm turbine wheel, this turbocharger is an excellent match for the widely-popular LS family of engines.Purpose built with the LS-enthusiast in mind, this unit features a 360* hydrodynamic bearing system for exceptional reliability and increased thrust capacity.

The turbocharger is available with (2) different turbine housing A/R ratios (T4 .81 A/R and T4 .96 A/R), making it ideally suited for a single or twin turbo application. Both options feature a 3 5/8” v-band discharge for easy downpipe installation.

Additionally, the LS-Series PT7675 turbocharger comes standard with our ported H cover (4" inlet and 3" outlet) to protect against compressor surge.

• LS-Series PT7675 w/T4 undivided .81 A/R (Turbocharger part number 02207012219)

• LS-Series PT7675 w/T4 undivided .96 A/R (Turbocharger part number 02207012229)

Rated to support 1,150HP, the MSRP on Precision's new LS-Series PT7675 turbocharger sells for $999.99.