ARC 12 switch Black Roll Bar Mount Switch Panel ARC-12001R

ARC 12 switch Black Roll Bar Mount Switch Panel ARC-12001R

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With all the same features as the original ARC panel. This all new Black faced panel is a REALLY cool option, especially if the white switches are not your style. 


The ARC Touch Face Flat Control Panels are one of a kind. Featuring LED back lighting, and touch sensitive with pressure feedback switch operation, they are simply the best switch panel on the market. These panels use no electronics, making them immune to EMI and RFI interference. Available in 4, 8 & 12 switch variations. These panels are backed by a lifetime warranty to defect utilizing components rated at up to 1-billion cycles operation.


​The switching units are only 3/4'' thick weighing under 1/2 pound (for an 12-switch panel), 12000R series are roll bar mount, this mounting is accomplished by supplied hose clamps. Connection from touch panel to relay/fuse center is made by a printer ribbon style cable. This extremely low profile, lightweight cable uses an easy pin connection on each end, reduces overall system weight, and is very easy to route and hide compared to traditional switch panels with wire bundles. 


​These units feature 50-Amp rated switching and fusing. A simple jumper connection selects either 12V or 16V operation. Internal selector switches allow you to change any switch from a maintained on/off operation to momentary. Another feature allows you to have a master/ignition switch that can be set up to turn off none, any one, or all of the panels switches at the same time the ignition is turned off. This is a tremendous safety advantage in an emergency.

Each panel comes with color coded wires for each of the 12 circuits and is gasoline and oil resistant quality wire. The main power for the panel is a single insulated power wire also included. 


​The unit comes with a selection of race words for switch labeling. The labels are backlit red when the switch is off, allowing you to not only see where but what each switch is. When the switch is turned on the backlight changes from red to green.