Aeromotive Female -12 AN ORB 100 Micron Stainless Filter 12302

Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use


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An inexpensive insurance policy to protect your investment, proper filtration is key to fuel system performance. Engineered filter solutions are required to achieve protection with minimum restriction. For 200 – 3,000 plus HP applications, our filter assemblies offer unmatched flow, ease of installation and maintenance, along with the impeccable machining and finish you’ve come to expect from all Aeromotive components.

  • High-flow, 100-micron stainless steel (coarse) cleanable element. Flows 2,000 lb/hr with a pressure drop of less than .15 PSI.
  • ORB-12 ports. Fittings available to adapt these filters to AN-12, -10 line sizes. (see Fittings & Adapters)
  • Pro-Series filters feature an indestructible electroless nickel finish.
  • 7′ long x 2.5′ diameter.