Rock Solid Motorsports 79-04 Mustang Universal Tubular Front End

Rock Solid Motorsports 79-04 Mustang Universal Tubular Front End

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Need room under your hood for custom turbo setups and other crowding accessories? Motion has the solution. The Rock Solid Motorsports Foxbody Tubular Front End kit. Saves 40 pounds of weight off the front. ​​Rugged construction comprised of 1 5/8 x 0.083 Chromoly tubing for the main framing.

This is a hold and weld kit which comes notched and prefitted. Designed to weld onto frame rails and the front face of the shock towers 7" out. The main rails extend nearly to the back of the front bumper so there is plenty of mounting capabilities all the way. Radiator support is in stock location but installer can manipulate the rails to make it move where ever desired.Designed to allow a motor plate to rest on the existing frame rails before tubular front end starts.Comes with Tabs for attaching fenders and two extra for aid in mounting bumper or radiator

Download & Save Installation Guide Here:​

******NOTE**** If you so desire your frame rails in the kit to go all the way back flush with your shock towers please select the 32" frame rail option from the drop down menu. You can also select to add the front support bar going between the frame rails at the outer most ends.