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2016-23 Camaro High Clearance Strut Tower Braces 6th Gen Camaro


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Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use


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2016-23 Camaro High Clearance Strut Tower Braces 

6th Generation Camaro's are notoriously hard to work on due to the factory style strut tower braces which obstruct over the top of your engine. This makes spark plug changes, valve train access, and more cumbersome.

These strut tower braces were designed and made for the racer in mind. We found this need from our COPO Stock Eliminator car, installed them, loved them, and realized that everyone will want them.


  • Replaces factory location 
  • Reuses factory GM/COPO hardware
  • Has holes pre drilled to remount COPO style dipstick (rivnuts need to be added by customer for threads)
  • Chromoly lightweight construction
  • Powdercoated gloss black
  • Weigh just 3.3lbs for the set