2011-17 Ford Coyote 5.0 PCV Oil Catch Can Kit -12AN

2011-17 Ford Coyote 5.0 PCV Oil Catch Can Kit -12AN

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The Coyote Ford 5.0 DOHC engine is one of the best emerging power plants on the market. However, it has a PCV vent system from the factory that is less than conducive to large power applications and needs to be addressed before putting big numbers on the board.

The stock PCV system vents valve covers directly into the intake which introduces dirty and oily air into your fuel/clean air charge. This makes for a tuning nightmare which can be catastrophic on big power combos. The Motion Raceworks PCV can kit offers an awesome solution to venting to the atmosphere getting the oil and dirty air out of the intake charge.

This kit utilizes the industry's nicest Fragola Made in the USA hose and fittings. -12AN PCV venting is enough to support any power combo imaginable. Compes complet with factory quick connect fittings for the valve covers.

Choose fitting option and length of hose below for the perfect solution to your engine bay. Tis tig welded aluminum can with filter features a two bolt mounting bracket for easy mounting virtually anywhere in the engine bay.