2010-15 5th Gen Camaro Parachute Mount

2010-15 5th Gen Camaro Parachute Mount

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2010-15 5th Gen Camaro Parachute Mount

The Motion Raceworks 5th Gen Camaro Parachute Mount is a Bolt On Parachute Mount that will quickly allow you to be come NHRA/IHRA legal for a car that goes over 150 mph in the 1/4 mile. In under an hour, most people can have this installed and ready for final welding. Though some companies simply bolt these parachute mounts on, we prefer customers final weld for ultimate strength and reliability.

Made with the highest quality details, this mount is light weight, strong, and amazing in the looks department. All bracketry is CNC laser cut and formed, we then tig weld all components.

To install, simply remove bumper cover, remove bumper support by unbolting on each side. Bolt the main bar where the old support was. Temporarily remount bumper cover, trace where the receiver will go through from the back side of the bumper cover, drill your hole. Slide the insert mount back in, tighten bolts and you are done.

* We always recommend welding parachute mounts to the car after bolting on for added strength and security as not to rely on bolts

For offroad use only


  • Parachute Mount (standard gloss powder coat)
  • Necessary Hardware
  • Optional cable handle kit
  • Optional Parachute

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