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Stroud 420 Comp Eliminator Spring Launcher Parachute 4204803

Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

Stroud 420 Comp Eliminator Spring Launcher Parachute 4204803

Stroud Safety is the pinnacle of quality and safety in Automotive Racing. This is why Motion Raceworks has made Stroud our go to supplier to keep ourselves and customers safe!

The Stroud Spring Launcher system is a cost effective way to safely deploy a parachute in conditions where a standard spring pilot chute will not suffice (vehicles with dead areas in back from an air movement standpoint). Spring launchers deploy quicker for quicker stopping, and insure that the parachute deployed properly on all models and styles of vehicle.

Not sure if the 420 is the correct sized chute for you? Please see our sizing chart attached or give us a call!​

We stock only black parachutes, please call for other options (lead times will occur). This 420 kit includes nearly everything you need to install a spring launcher style parachute.

In this kit are the following:

-Air launcher outer bag

-Spring Launcher Mechanism

-Inner bag with parachute​

-Backing plate-Spring Safety Pin