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Motion Raceworks LS Exhaust Bolt Drill Fixture

Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

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If you have put your hands on an LS in a factory application, you have seen broken exhaust manifold bolts. They are the plague and achilles heal of these engines in their factory form. Motion Raceworks LS Exhaust Bolt Drill Fixture gives you the ability to repair this correctly and efficiently. This billet CNC aluminum fixture uses self centering bolts, along with hardened drill bushings to make sure you correctly drill the bolt center to offer the proper channel to uses an Easy Out Bolt extractor. With a short pilot drill, this allow for use in the vehicle with the proper 90 degree drill or die grinder. While you are at it, do yourself a favor and replace those broken LS exhaust Bolts with some upgraded ARP bolts and GREATLY reduce putting yourself in this situation again. In options below.