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Motion Raceworks Aeromotive Stealth to Sniper Fuel System

Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

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Motion Raceworks Aeromotive Stealth to Sniper Fuel System

Pairing two great products with the rest of what is needed makes for a home run combo.  When converting a carbuerated vehicle to EFI we have found using an Aeromotive Stealth 2 Tank with a Holley Sniper EFI system to be a great combo.  However, your fitting and hose choices aren't there, and the hose and fitting kit with the Holley Sniper system is subpar in our opinion.  

We put this Fragola fitting and line kit together to give you everything you need to properly plumb your system with Made in the USA quality fittings and hose that are leak free and durable.  As well we added clamps, and a post filter to protect your investment.  This filter has a reusable stainless mesh filter that you can disassemble and wash out.  

All components are E85 and gasoline compatible.  Fragola black nylon braided hose transfers less sound than its stainless outer weave predecessor, while still giving abrasion resistance and strength for Fuel Injected fuel pressures of 60-100 psi and higher.  

While we made this kit a one size fits all, it may have extra 2 or 3 fittings depending on what tank your car uses.  We wanted to give you different routing and fitting options for a perfect fit in a one size fits all kit.  But don't worry, we discounted things so you really aren't paying for the left over fittings.  


-(30) feet 6AN Black Braided Nylon Fragola Hose

-(2) 6ORB to 6AN Fragola Adapter fittings for Fuel Hat (some tanks will not need)

-(2) 6AN Fragola 90 degree hose ends for inlet/outlet of fuel hat

-(1) 6an Fragola 45 degree hose end for inlet/outlet of fuel hat (can be used in place of 90 above for routing on some tanks: OPTIONAL USE)

-(2) 6AN Fragola straight hose ends for inlet and outlet of the Magnafuel Post Filter

-(2) 8ORB to 6AN Fragola adapter fittings to screw into filter

-Magnafuel MP-7010 filter with reusable stainless screen

-(10) 1/2" line clamps to secure hose

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