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Motion Raceworks 1.50" (1 1/2") Roll Bar Mount 18-12002

Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

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Motion Raceworks 1.50" (1 1/2") Roll Bar Mount 18-12002

This CNC Billet clamp is machined from 6061 aluminum and anodized black.  The two halves are clamped by a thru bolt design that utilizes 1/4-20 socket head cap screws (included).  

This is the same mount used in our CO2 bottle brackets and ECU mounts but can be used on its own for fabrication.  

This listing is for 1.500" OD tubing/pipe/roll bars.

For other size options click here: 

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1.625 https://www.motionraceworks.com/products/1-5-8-roll-bar-mount-for-co2-bracket

1.750 https://www.motionraceworks.com/products/motion-raceworks-1-3-4-roll-bar-mount-1812004