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Gen V LT Direct Injection EFI Swap Fuel System Retrofit Kit

Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

Estimated Availability: 1-2 weeks

Gen V LT Direct Injection EFI Swap Fuel System Retrofit Kit

This is a complete kit to plumb your LT swap vehicle front to back with quality fuel system components. The Gen V Direct Injected engine is perhaps the most daunting fuel system to plumb of any we have done. Luckily we have taken the time to design this kit. In a matter of a few hours you will have EVERYTHING you need to adapt a fuel system into a hot rod or classic muscle car or other.

This system does away with PWM and other Fuel pump modules in the LT system and utilizes a return style fuel system for ease and adaptability. Whether you are using a stock harness and ECU, or a GM plug and play LT harness, or a Speartech etc this will take the issues and confusion out of plumbing. ​

This kit comes with Walboro 255lph Pump, Magnafuel Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator, Fragola Hose end fittings (black), Fragola Black Braided Performance Nylon Fuel line, Hose clamps, Fuel Pump Relay, Russell EFI fuel rail adaptors, Fragola Fuel Tank bulkhead and more. No need to source parts individually and look for what is compatible and what is not. With this kit you get the best parts, all in one, and exactly what you need. Compare this kit to others on the market, it is much more complete and with more line and more components. Featuring Fragola Black Nylon Performance line, this line makes hose assembly a breeze compared to stainless braided, and reduces noise transmission/metal rubbing, is lightweight and all of the other downfalls of stainless braided hose. ​

Included in this kit are the following Items:

  • (1) Walboro 255lph Fuel Pump
  • (2) Fragola Fuel pump fittings to -6AN
  • (1) Magnafuel MP-9925-B-BLK Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • (3) Fragola Fuel Pressure Regulator O-ring Fittings
  • (1) Magnafuel Post Pump Fuel Filter
  • (2) Fragola O-ring Fuel Filter Fittings
  • (1) Russell 3/8 Female Quick Connect Fittings to -6AN Male
  • (1) Fragola 3/8 Hardline Adaptor to -6AN Male
  • (1) Fragola 90° Bulkhead and nut for return line
  • (7) Fragola Straight -6 AN Hose Ends
  • (3) Fragola 90° -6AN Hose Ends ​
  • (10) Rubber Hose clamps
  • (30) Feet Fragola Black Nylon Performance Hose -6AN
  • (1) Fuel Pressure Sensor Adaptor Kit (sensor not included)
  • (1) Fuel Pump Relay
  • (1) 0-100PSI fuel pressure gauge for regulator

​Note: Kit offering will vary slightly from picture. Some components may be missing from images, some in images are not needed. Reference above list for final offering and parts provided upon shipment. This kit will work on all Gen V LT engines, connects directly to feed fuel rail for high pressure pump under the intake.