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Aeromotive Stealth Eliminator In-Tank 05-09 Mustang GT500 18683

Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

Aeromotive’s Stealth Fuel Systems for Mustangs are a truly innovative concept in fueling today’s powerful, complex muscle cars. No need for voltage boosters and expensive twin-pump systems. These Mustang Stealth systems are designed to allow you to utilize your factory fuel tank, but still plumb in a return-style system and support big power. Our single fuel pump drop-in kits use the factory tank, factory fuel level sending unit, and even the o-ring/retainer ring.

-Features ORB-08 outlet and ORB-08 return ports.
-Incorporates factory jet-siphon system and sending unit.
-Includes an integrated 100-micron stainless-steel pre-pump filter.
-Utilizes the factory tank, o-ring, lock ring and mounting location.
-Requires the use of a bypass-style regulator and return line.
-Billet Speed Pump Controller (#16306) required for EFI street applications.

Naturally Aspirated Fuel Injected: 1,900hp
Forced Induction Fuel Injected: 1,400hp
Naturally Aspirated Carbureted: 2,300hp
Forced Induction Carbureted: 1,700hp


Mounting Configuration:

CARB or EFI Power Adder FUEL Horsepower
EFI Naturally Aspirated Gas 1900
EFI Naturally Aspirated E85 1330
EFI Forced Induction Gas 1400
EFI Forced Induction E85 980