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Aeromotive Dual Phantom Stealth Fuel System 18309

Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

The Dual Phantom comes loaded with two 340lph pumps, an additional set of electrical bulkheads, and a larger capacity foam and bladder. Remarkably, it does not take up any additional space. The dual pumps provide opportunity for supporting big power (see power ratings below) while remaining OE quiet. Separate electrical bulkheads allow for an “on demand” fuel system, which reduces the amount of returned fuel and reduces the tank temperature, making vapor lock and cavitation a thing of the past. Also, this feature is a must when a redundant (back up) pump is needed in extreme conditions, such as off-road, desert, and endurance racing. The larger capacity foam and bladder combat fuel slosh while retaining enough fuel to feed the dual pumps. And the best feature is all of this done from your stock tank with no welding or fabrication!Features and Specifications:• (2) 340 lph Stealth Fuel Pumps• Black anodized top hat• (4) ORB-06 Ports – 2x Supply, (1) Return, (1) Vent• Larger Capacity fuel resistant baffle / basket (Includes: Foam and Bladder)• (2) Universal high flow pre-pump filters• Modular design can be cut to height to fit almost any fuel tank• EFI or Carbureted• Turbine pump mechanisms increase durability• In-tank use only• Supports up to:– 1400 HP EFI – Forced Induction– 1700 HP EFI – Naturally Aspirated– 1700 HP Carbureted – Forced Induction– 2000 HP Carbureted – Naturally Aspirated​