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RIFE Hall Effect Speed Sensor

Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

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Rife Sensors’ Hall Effect Speed Sensor is a true Zero-Speed, Low-Jitter, High-Accuracy sensor used for sensing ferrous targets, tone rings, or gear teeth.  Typical applications are wheel speed, driveshaft speed, and position sensing.  At the moment, we are not recommending it for crankshaft or camshaft signaling, although those applications may be developed in the future.  The Rife Sensors Hall Effect speed sensor is based on the Allegro Microsystems ATS627LSG position sensor IC.  The IC is packaged, along with the necessary electronics, in a billet aluminum housing and sealed with epoxy.  All of the signal conditioning is done within the Sensor Body itself and requires no external configuration. The connector is a sealed M5 3-pin connector, cables are available through RIFE Sensors in a variety of configurations and lengths.


RIFE Hall Effect Speed Sensor Specifications