1988.5-93 Chevrolet S10 Sonoma Blazer Chromoly Lightweight Steering Column Race Only

1988.5-93 Chevrolet S10 Sonoma Blazer Chromoly Lightweight Steering Column Race Only

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1982-93 Chevrolet S10 Sonoma Blazer  Lightweight Chromoly Steering Column is the answer for your race car light weight needs.

This column utilizes American made and SFI parts to create a very safe and high quality column. This column is professionally tig welded using Chromoly material for weight reduction.

Bolting to factory mounts, installation is also a breeze. Incorporated in the design is a 1/8" firewall plate to add safety in fire protection and sealing from the engine bay in the result of an oil or fuel fire. All columns come powdercoated Gloss Black.Our steering column utilizes a split collar locking design go secure the shaft from the bottom, along with a welded washer on top. This creates a safe option as opposed to press fit bearing options on the market that can heat up or work themselves loose leaving drivers with a potentially dangerous situation.

This column comes standard with a Strange SFI approved quick release installed and welded.  This is the only brand quick release we will make these with as it is a safe secure and SFI approved option. 

Add a Grant steering wheel, our very popular steering wheel buttons, or steering shaft to connect to the factory steering box.  All factory hardware is reused with this column installation.


Please note:  We do not suggest reusing factory rag joints in any application.  in Options we offer connection to factory steering box OR aftermarket rack and pinion options.  

Intermediate shafts come with Upper and Lower U Joints, as well as Double D Shaft.  Double D Shaft may need to be shortened depending on application.