Motion Raceworks Billet Valve Cover Breathers Polished (Pair) 32-120

Motion Raceworks Billet Valve Cover Breathers Polished (Pair) 32-120

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Motion Raceworks Billet Valve Cover Breathers Polished (Pair) 32-120

***NOTE: Fittings Must Be Added In Options***

Motion Raceworks is here to solve problems and make those solutions look good.  We took it upon ourselves to solve valve cover breather attachment needs when connecting to an external oil catch can.  

These billet breathers are -12 ORB, or 12 O-ring.  This can be adapted to 8AN and 10AN & 12AN with ease.  

We realize not everyone has a welder at their disposal. So we made these bolt in place with an O-ring seal.  What is unique about them is the dual baffle design.  This affords the opportunity to remove more oil particulate from the air venting, which in turn fills up catch cans less.  

The two baffles included are an external low pro version that shares the same 3 bolt pattern.  This can be used in most cases except for ones with very low rocker arm clearance.  In this case there is an internal baffle that is bolted in.  This can be used in all clearance instances.  For best results and ultimate removal of oil particulate from the air attempt to use both baffles.

Note: You need to red loctite all hardware when installing!

Installing these breathers is as simple as finding a flat surface on your valve cover and using the supplied drill template to transfer the hole pattern on to your valve cover or valley tray.  Then bolt the three low profile button head bolts from the inside outward to crush the pre installed oring for a great seal. 

Included with Purchase:

  • (2) Billet Breather
  • (2) Internal Baffles
  • (2) External Baffles
  • (1) Drill Guide
  • All Necessary Hardware

Fittings Optional: Add in Options

For install video click this video

Want to learn more about our Motion Billet Valve Cover Breathers?  Check out this video!